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Feel free to ask
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#11061858 Basicball wrote:

Al l right, fist of all, some quick questions.

4.Play Week Ranks:
The necessary Points for each Rank will be published 1 day before the upcoming Play Week will start.
The Points gear to the number of participants.
1st Rank-> Thero'shan
2nd Rank-> Shan'do
3rd Rank-> Cleric
4th Rank-> Dragon Aspect

They should have been posted yesterday, but I probably missed it. Some help would be nice :)

8. Match Format:
Play Weeks will alternately change the Match Format.
Surf Format:(No Bans,Players may only use 1 Hero for 1 time in a submatch.)
Conquest Format:
(All players have to prepare 3 Decks with 3 different heroes.The winner of the match must change his deck to an unused hero of the 3 selected ones before.The loser can voluntarily decide if he wants to keep his deck or change it.
Bo5 : The winner wins(conquers) with 3 different heroes.

What format are we playing this week?
On surf, is it BO1?
There are no hero declarations; is this correct?

9. Bo System:
Play Weeks will alternately change the Bo System.

Same thing here.

In short: How are we supposed to play this week?

You have time from 00:00 CEST on Monday until the following Sunday 23:30 CEST to play your Duels.In this Play Week you decide on your own how many Duels you wanna do beside you have to keep the Minimum Duel Win Number .Your points will be actualized every Week in a Scoreboard Ranking.

The Match Format will automatically change from Surf Format(bo3) to Conquest Format(bo5),from Conquest Format(bo5) to Surf Format(bo3) for 4 Weeks.
PL1: Surf Format
PL2: Conquest Format
PL3: Surf Format
PL4: Conquest Format

Greetings OrkosQ
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